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Admission Terms &. Conditions


There shall be an entrance examination conducted by the institution. Candidatewill be selected accordingto theirmerit.
The minimum age ofinteranee is completion of 17 years and nor more than 35 years on the dateofadmission.

The candidate must have passed the t0+2 or equivalentexamination.

The candidate should be female &.. medically fit and have to submit the prescribed medical certificate duly filled and signed by the candidate and Civil Surgeon.


Leave and Vacation

Student can avail leave and other vacation upto 4 weeks which is granted by the Principal. Parents and guardians are requested not to encourage theirward to take leave from the School. Any kind of leave is admissible only with permission of Principal but this will not be taken into account of relaxation in theattendance requirement.



The Governing Body of the school, on the recommendation of the Principal, reserve the right to remove from the school rolls, the nameofstudentsorpunish herotherwise for Failure to payschool orhostel fee in time Failure to execute an agreement by parents/guardins of the students within 15 daysofthedateofadmission. Failure to come up to the prescribed standards. Unsatisfactoryconductorbehaviour. Participation in any political/anti social demonstration. Being involved or having been involved in the pastin a criminal case.Indulging in any activity derogatory to the school.
Consumption or possession ofnarcoticdrugs/ liquor.


Restriction &. Expulsion

A student will be liable to immediate rustication by the Principal, if in her opinion, the student behaves in a manner subversive of discipline or anyotheroffence.



Identity card is a must for every student as she may be asked to show it on demand as and when required Navjivan Hospital Pvt. Ltd. and Dewani Memorial Hospital Pvt. Ltd. as well as community heath centers.



Students are require to attend all the classes in theory as well as in clinical .This is as per the rules of Indian Nursing Council, failing which the students have to recover the short in attendance byattendingschool in vacation.



In institution's library only valid card holders will beeligibleto use the library facilities.
The students can get issued on books/magazine at a time for one week.

If the book/magazine is overdue, a fine of Rs 10/- perdaywill becharged.
In case ofloss or damage to the book, student will have to bear the experience ofthe book or replace thesame.

In the case of loss or damage of library card, duplicate card (on cost) will be issued on the submission ofawritten request.





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